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Corporate Philosophy

Policy Management System Integrated HSEQ

In KONIDOL SA, a company dedicated to the business of designing, building maintenance and engineering works, industrial assembly, and marketing and installation of geosynthetics, we are committed to meet the needs of our customers and interest groups by applying a system integrated HSEQ management in all our works and installations, so that they meet your requirements, both in time and scheduled costs, emphasizing the prevention of accidents, occupational diseases, environmental damage and property .

We realize the importance of our employees improve their quality of life regardless of their ethnicity, gender or belief, providing healthy working conditions, under the fulfillment of their rights, environmental protection, hazard identification and risk assessment in operations developed in the specific conditions of each project, including all staff, suppliers, subcontractors and the community at large, to the above focus our efforts on:

- The implementation of programs and plans for prevention and control

- The allocation of human, financial, technological and physical required for its development.

- Ensure compliance with legal regulations in force in Colombia and other HSEQ requirements applicable to the organization.

- Train staff to achieve a general awareness towards health care, environment and customer satisfaction.

- Potentiation of our interest groups.

- Compliance with the principles of Human Rights.

These activities will be conducted with full transparency and ethical behavior, in our values for full compliance, as such continually review our integrated management system and we are committed to continuous improvement and meeting the objectives.


"Serving the state and private industry in the design and construction of engineering works, ensuring customer satisfaction through the implementation of integrated management system complying with the code of ethics and ensuring the welfare and progress of our human resources and community at large. "


"By 2013 KONIDOL Colombia SA is recognized as one of the largest companies in the development of engineering projects in the public sector and private industry founded on an integrated management of the same"

Code of Ethics

Since 2001, Konidol Inc. became one of the first companies to sign the Code of Ethics promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá - Colombia as an initiative to eradicate corrupt practices and encourage the creation of an ethical culture among entrepreneurs.

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