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PVC geomembranes are made of flexible sheets of polyvinyl chloride resin 100% virgin, additives and plasticizers, which can be recommended in conventional waterproofing.

Why PVC?

• Because of its flexibility: 350%
For presentation: Modules sealed with EPI technology.
• Easy maneuverability at Work: At 2.5 m2 of packaging can have up to 2.500 m2 ready to install.
• High technology in film production and the modules.

Technical Specifications

Issued by the Institute of PVC Geomembranes (PGI 1104) at the University of Illinois in the U.S., under ASTM tests. / PVC / pgispec.htm
ASTM D7176 July / 2006
Sealed with EPI Technology, with tests under ASTM standards.


Oil Sector: gaps oil sludge treatment, containment boom in storage areas, tanks Arming
Landfill Covers
• Mining

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