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The geotextile, thanks to their high interaction with the soil (good compressive strength but low tensile strength), provides an efficient transmission of forces for performing a job to homogenize the loads over an extended surface which increases the mechanical strength of the material content.

The geotextile acts as a structural element. Usually used in embankments with gentle slopes, low altitude and considering that the overloads are small.

Requirements: The geosynthetic must not deform excessively or break under tensile and indentation to which it is subjected. It also should be required, in combination with the filler used, certain friction characteristics necessary for the mobilization of tension reinforcement desired.

requirements: In the case of geotextile should result in increased stability of the work due to the change of hydraulic boundary conditions that accelerate the consolidation processes.

Requirements: No creep processes to produce the composite system. It is essential also a good chemical resistance.

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