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Electrical and Instrumentation Facilities

KONIDOL S.A. it provides construction services and installation of electrical substations for oil extraction wells RETIE low standards, installation of lighting at stations and locations, construction of medium voltage power lines, assembly, wiring and commissioning of electrical units , supply and installation of field instrumentation systems for transportation of oil and water (STAP) and precomisionamiento and commissioning and commissioning of starters and feeders of electric motors.




Specific services *

- Construction of Electrical Sub-Stations and Nornalización Retie
Construction of Lighting Systems in Stations
Construction of Medium Voltage Lines
-Assembly, connections and commissioning of Electrical Units
- Supply and Installation of Field Instrumentation (Pi, Level Transmitters, Flow, Pressure and Flow)
- Precomisionamiento, Commissioning and start-Service Starters and Feeders

* Services certified experienced, however not limited to these.
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KONIDOL S.A. Calle 39 No. 16-25 Bogotá-Colombia
PBX: 2325866 FAX: 3403584 A.A. 90432
Horario de Atención: 8:00 a.m. a 5 p.m.