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En KONIDOL S.A. it aims to make infrastructure works, surface facilities and assembly of electromechanical systems with the highest standards of quality and safety, providing all warranties for HP products and services to our customers.

The characteristics that identify KONIDOL SA

- Certified experience

- Control systems and project tracking
- Industrial safety and environmental
- Quality (control and assurance)
- Compliance with timelines

- Competitive pricing in markets for each sector

- social Investment

- Good customer relations and interest groups


The services provided KONIDOL Inc.

- Industrial Services.

- Civil Works (View File 1) (View File 2) (View File 3)
- Flow lines, transportation systems and surface facilities (View File)
- Maintenance Pipeline (View File)
- Maintenance of plants and stations (static equipment, tanks, vessels (View File)
- Electromechanical assemblies (View File)
- Electrical and Instrumentation Facilities (View File)


- Construcción (View File)

- Civil engineering projects
- Technical maintenance of infrastructure
- Building and Housing


- Environmental and health solutions (View File)

- Construction of basic sanitation and health
- Supply and installation of geosynthetics




KONIDOL S.A. Calle 39 No. 16-25 Bogotá-Colombia
PBX: 2325866 FAX: 3403584 A.A. 90432
Horario de Atención: 8:00 a.m. a 5 p.m.