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Smart Drain

SMART DRAIN is a revolutionary new material for all water drainage needs!

SMART DRAIN uses micro channels to move water by capillary action and siphoning. Unlike common perforated tubes, SMART DRAIN not clogged, in addition, excess water is drained, reducing landslides.

The capillary action of SMART DRAIN requires little hydraulic head to start working. In saturated conditions DRAIN SMART began working sucking water into its micro channels then siphoning generates an additional force to drain all the water out. Once you remove the excess water, leaving SMART DRAIN moisture for growing plants and trees, if required.

SMART DRAIN can work in any soil!

Advantages of SMART DRAIN

Resistant to clogging: Capillary action pulls water vertically from the ground, separating (instead of filtering) the soil water, leaving behind any material that could clog the SMART DRAIN.

Flexible: Made of extruded PVC, SMART DRAIN is very flexible and adapts to the shape of the land where it is installed. This feature reduces unnecessary excavations.

Laminar Flow: The design of the micro channels SMART DRAIN ensures a smooth laminar flow of drainage water. This feature ensures a durable and efficient drainage

Durable: Due to its low profile design, the SMART DRAIN is extremely durable. With a compressive strength of 61.440 psf, SMART DRAIN is one of the most incompressible material drainage market today.

Easy to transport and store: A roll of SMART DRAIN is 100 m long and 20 cm in diameter.

Main Applications

Among the main applications DRAIN SMART are:

• Golf Courses
• Sports Fields
• Drains in foundations
• Drainage Tunnel

Nothing is more frustrating in maintaining the damp green that do not drain. Saturated and flooded fields also damage the lawn and inhibiting their growth and choke to death.

All this is due to rain, it is usually to malfunction or damage to drainage systems.

Compared with the traditional systems of drainage, perforated pipes, SMART DRAIN not obstructed, by contrast, while the sand in the traditional drain clogs the perforations of the pipe, causing them to stop functioning, in the case of SMART DRAIN, the sand helps to have a better performance, because it acts as a porous medium speed to give water and allow entry into the microchannels.

Sports Fields

It is important to maintain good drainage a sports field in good working order. The efficiency of SMART DRAIN means that water is drained quickly and completely, making the playing fields can be used after heavy rains.

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